Kenneth Paul Lesko Cleveland Art Gallery


Cinema 01

An Exhibition of Cinema Inspired Artwork

October 15th, 2010 - January 8th, 2011


In July of 2009, we began planning a group exhibition designed around the idea of cinema as a translated medium. Cinema has its own unique and powerful language that enters our minds through multiple senses, communicating a heightened sense of reality that can stay with us for a lifetime.

As children, we may have our favorite bedtime stories or illustrations, or even a favorite piece of music, but for most of us, the earliest and most enduring art experience is in the cinema.

Cinema is a wholly new and transportive experience, imparting both an immediacy and a distance, almost like watching someone else’s dream. It is the ultimate expression of the gestalt in art, with the ability to incorporate each of the other arts, it surpasses the impact that each might have on its own, and in this fusion, it becomes its own exultant art form.

A razor is drawn across an eyeball; a Beast transforms a Beauty’s tears to diamonds; a bone is thrown triumphantly into the air by a proto-human, cutting to an image of a space station eons in the future; these captured moments in time have a distinctive means of imprinting themselves upon our memories, catching in our filters and germinating. An artist’s mind often acts as a lens, refocusing and projecting these elements into new creations, or new translations embedded with the power of their cinematic progenitors.

Cinema 01 is the first of a planned series of exhibitions that includes work from artists using cinema as the basis for their art.


Casey Callender Cigar Box Serenade

Casey Callender

David Rehor Checkmate

David Rehor

William Chill Bela Lugosi's Dead

William Chill

Matthew Fehrmann Intermission

Matthew Fehrmann

Michael Abarca The Fail-Safe (Vicarious Self-Preservation)

Michael Abarca

Janet Century American Woman in the Dunes

Janet Century

Judith Brandon The Dream

Judith Brandon

Clare Fox Roman's Baby

Clare Fox

Judith Brandon The Road to Aqaba

Judith Brandon

Gregory Lowell Smith Stag Party

Gregory Lowell Smith

Kristina Martino Mind If I Look?

Kristina Martino

Kristina Martino Perhaps That's What Love Is

Kristina Martino

Marsha Sweet Simply Divine

Marsha Sweet

Kasumi Sugar Sprinkled Children


Kristina Martino Untitled Cinematic Heteronym

Kristina Martino

David Rehor Dream of the Red Shoes

David Rehor

Ryn Clarke Carrie's Carnival Ride

Ryn Clarke

Cindy Stockton-Moore Actum Agere IV

Cindy Stockton-Moore

Dave Jupp Monster Pop

Dave Jupp

Casey Callender True Believers

Casey Callender

Jane Millican Club

Jane Millican

Jane Millican Exercise

Jane Millican

Jane Millican Flight

Jane Millican

Emily Rosolowski Colleen Moore (Young-Flame)

Emily Rosolowski

Douglas Max Utter Mother & Child

Douglas Max Utter

Emily Rosolowski Rudolph Valentino (Dark-Star)

Emily Rosolowski



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