John R. Nativio

Ionic Convergence

March 18th, 2016 - May 14th, 2016

     John R. Nativio’s solo exhibition, “Ionic Convergence,” explores the influence of technology on human perception and evolution. Accelerated dissemination of information has greatly altered human civilization; from the printing press to the first radio telegraph signals bounced off the ionosphere; from television to satellites; from the internet to artificial intelligence; from genetic manipulation to cybernetic implants—and beyond.

     Nativio’s dynamic sense of composition, combined with his unique color palette, gracefully lead the viewer into other realms. The surrealist imagery that makes up this series strikes a balance between still-life and landscape. The looming foreground elements are entirely without context and alien in appearance, forcing the viewer to ponder their form, scale and purpose. Are these subatomic particles, or are they colossal megastructures? Are they instruments for broadcasting and receiving information, or are they monuments to a future civilization?

     At first, the imposing, enigmatic objects seem to be technological abstractions. What initially seem like inanimate machine parts, slowly become more engaging, and as we view the compositions, we realize that they peer back—transforming into something more organic, more anthropomorphized. Each aperture and corresponding moon begin to emerge as the eye of a figure, with surrounding orbital sockets and bone structures—giving life to each piece, and a sense of live intelligence.

     The dreamlike backgrounds set the stage for the drama and mystery that unfolds within each piece, and act as another unifying feature to the series. Are these the physical environments in which these objects exist, or are they subjective realities filtered through the lens of technology? Or are they projections of a machine dream, slowly seeping into our subconscious through the devices that are becoming an integral part of our culture?