Kenneth Paul Lesko Cleveland Art Gallery


Troy Gua [Seattle, WA]

Pop Hybrids

May 17th, 2013 - July 13th, 2013


Troy Gua is an artist whose work investigates identity, celebrity and popular culture.

His Pop Hybrid series is a unique, superimposition of iconic faces and imagery, instantly recognizable on their own, but dissolved into a kind of Rorschach inkblot puzzle when merged—each viewer seeing something different, making his or her own subjective associations. The resulting hybrid image is a new and separate identity, functioning as irony and satire; as metaphor and social commentary.

The identities of his subjects range from musicians like David Bowie and Leonard Cohen to physicists like Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer—kings and queens, Hollywood royalty, tabloid tarts, poets and philosophers—even American presidents make appearances.

Merging identity and interlayered shapes and contours, combined with a masterful sense of color, Mr. Gua’s resin-coated compositions appear as colorful works of glass. The slick, clean presentation is meant to be reflective—and reflected upon.


A Note on Editions

All Pop Hybrids, with the exception of one offs,

are available in the following sizes and editions:

48 x 48 inches; Edition: 3

36 x 36 inches; Edition: 5

24 x 24 inches; Edition: 5

12 x 12 inches; Edition: 10


Troy Gua The Baltimoreans

Troy Gua The Woody Allen Ginsberg

Troy Gua Tabloid Trinity

Troy Gua The Jacks Troy Gua The Brains and the Beauty

Troy Gua You Say You Want a Revolution

Troy Gua La Dada Gaga

Troy Gua The Factory

Troy Gua The Georges Troy Gua The Pleasure is All Mine

Troy Gua Battle of the Currents (warm)

Troy Gua Reanimate Your Sons

Troy Gua The Brides

Troy Gua Tim + Johnny = Edward Troy Gua The Boy King of Pop 2.0

Troy Gua The Elton John Wayne

Troy Gua The Pee Wee Herman Melville

Troy Gua The Mickey Mao

Troy Gua The Salvador Dali Lama Troy Gua The Importance of Being Ernest
Troy Gua Battle of the Currents (cool) Troy Gua If It's Not Love Then It's The Bomb That Will Bring Us Together Troy Gua The Queens of England Troy Gua The Enlightened Troy Gua Macrosoft
Troy Gua The Amazing Graces Troy Gua Men with No Names Troy Gua The Flyboy Playboy Troy Gua The Futurists Troy Gu The Davids 2.0