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Cinema 06: Call for Submissions

Cinema 06
Painting + Sculpture + Photography + Installation
September 19th, 2014 - November 15th, 2014

Deadline:  Monday, September 1st, 11:59pm, 2014


Last year we continued our ongoing series of exhibitions designed around cinema as a translated medium. The exhibition, Cinema 05, surpassed our expectations in terms of quality and diversity of the submissions. It was exciting to see how various artists incorporated cinema into their work, whether referencing specific films, genres or cinematic process itself. After the final selections were made, the exhibition consisted of work by 17 artists from 11 cities in 4 countries* and was very well received by the thousands who viewed the work in the gallery and online.

This year, we continue with Cinema 05. We look forward to another great round of submissions.

*Cleveland, OH; Pittsburgh, PA; Detroit, MI; Chicago, IL; Greenport, NY; Banner Elk, NC; Black Mountain, NC; Seattle, WA; London, UK; Melbourne, Australia; Bauru, Brazil


Submission Guidelines

All pieces should reference cinema in some way. Work may reference a specific film, director, director's body of work, film genre or movement, etc. Work may also reference cinematic process or the visual language of cinema.

There are no specific size requirements, but anything overly large or small (over six feet/under ten inches) may limit the appeal of the piece in the exhibition.

The most important guideline for submissions is quality. Pieces should tilt toward the fine art end of the spectrum. Please visit the Previous Exhibitions section of our website ( to get a sense of our aesthetic. The exhibition records for Cinema 01 (, Cinema 02 (, Cinema 03 (, Cinema 04 ( and Cinema 05 ( should also prove to be a valuable resource.

All pieces should be ready to hang/display (no sawtooth hangers please). Works on paper and photography should be framed behind glass or plexiglass, unless an alternate presentation is contextual to the piece.

Email images (preferably jpgs), with dimensions, medium, title and artist's contact information to There are no specific requirements concerning resolution, though anything under three megapixels may limit the ability to enlarge details.

These guidelines are meant to be flexible. Painting, sculpture, photography and installation will all be considered. Submissions are fairly open-ended, if you have a piece that doesn't fall into the described parameters (a drawing or print, etc.), but you think it works with the exhibition, send us an email. Similarly, if you have any questions concerning subject matter, or would like feedback on a piece, or an idea for a piece, just send us an email.

Deadline for submissions is Friday, August 28th, 11:59pm. Accepted artists will be notified on or before August 31st. Pieces must be shipped to arrive no later than September 14th.